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Servant - A Kimihiro Watanuki Community

Seeing ghosts

Kimihiro Watanuki
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Servant the first community decided to Watanuki Kimihiro from Clamp's Manga, movie and soon also TV-Series xxxHOLiC
Please join us if you're a supporter of this wonderful boy!

- Please keep all posts Watanuki-related, because it's a community for him!
- Big pictures and spoilers have to be posted behind a LJ-Cut <*lj-cut text="This is a LJ-Cut">Picture here<*/a> (remove the *'s)
- Same for posting fanfics
- Be nice to other members! No mobbing, or you'll be banned
- Advertising is allowed as long as it's xxxHOLiC-related

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xxxholic_awards A xxxHOLiC icon-challenge

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